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2010 report

Without much further delay (because we’ll already be into 2011’s season) here is the 2010 bird report. Please take a moment to download it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with lots of photos, colour and simplicity. TLBO has given us an outlet to produce a new style of technical report: one that is more user friendly and readable by all. Feel free to provide some feedback, too!

TLBO documents

Via the above link on Nature Conservancy’s page, you can find all the TLBO reports and checklists. Keep an eye on our species lists to know what to expect for your next visit!

I hope the winter was a good one and spring delivers lots of great birding excitement. Don’t forget- prospective volunteers should follow the “get involved” link on the same page. See you in a few months but stay tuned for updates!


Steve and the TLBO crew



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